iVideo Pocket WiFi Rental

“iVideo” WaveThink Technology Inc. is the most popular Pocket WiFi Rental e-commerce company in Taiwan.

Internet marketing and Electronic commerce are believed to be global commercial models. “iVideo” WaveThink Technology Inc. has firmly-established this model through 15 years. In the beginning, DVD product was implemented on official website www.ivideo.com.tw. The web system has been a maturely integrated Bond System for storage, distribution, logistics, convenience store pickup & return, and recycle rental system. Especially for convenience store pickup & return, more than 10,000 spots make ”iVideo” WaveThink Technology Inc. to be an international E-commerce enterprise.

“iVideo” Pocket WiFi serves customers to access internet in Japan, Korea, China, USA, Europe and Taiwan.

“iVideo” Pocket WiFi reservation, payment, and pickup support highly-efficient, immediate, seamless and convenient  Today Order/ Tomorrow Pickup service. There are more than 10,000 convenience stores for choosing to pick up and return Pocket WiFi. “iVideo” WaveThink Technology Inc. applies the system into business and makes sales upgrade rapidly,  accordingly, set up E-commercial status steadily in Taiwan.

In addition to convenience store pickup & return, “iVideo” possesses home delivery service to Order on line /Receive at homeand 3 iVideo stores in Taipei are open for urgent rental needed. Customer service provides no distant problem solution by Line, email and Telephone overseas. Comparative advantage of techniques and professional customer service expect consultation satisfactions & continuing after-sales service 364 days every year.


“iVideo” WaveThink Technology Inc.

Official Website: www.ivideo.com.tw